2022 Republican Primaries and Municipal Election

Your 2022 Republican Candidates 

The 2022 primary elections will be held on May 17, 2022. Republican candidate names are written as they will appear and be ordered on the ballot.

Listed below are the Republican candidates who have registered their candidacy.  Click on those in bold and underlined to view their campaign website or social media page.


U.S. Senate

Majorie Eastman

David Flaherty

Benjamin E. Griffiths

Kenneth Harper Jr.

Pat McCrory

Charles Kenneth Moss

Lichia Sibhatu

Debora Tshiovo

Mark Walker

Jen Banwart

Ms. Lee A. Brian

Leonard L. Bryant

Ted Budd

Drew Bulecza


U.S. House District 3

Tony Cowden

Eric Earhart

Brian Michael Friend

Greg Murphy

George J. Papastrat


U.S. House District 13

Kelly Kathleen Daughtry

Renee Ellmers

Bo Hines

Kent Keirsey

Jessica Morel

Chad Slotta

Kevin Alan Wolff

DeVan Barbour


NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Seat 05

Victoria E. Prince

April C. Wood

Trey Allen


NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 09

Beth Freshwater Smith

Donna Stroud


NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 11

Michael J. Stading

Charlton Allen


NC Senate District 4

Joe Democko

Buck Newton



The Board of Education races are non-partisan.  The following districts have a Primary Election in which the top two candidates will move forward to the General Election in November.  Listed here are candidates and their political affiliation.

District 1

Andrew Steadman - Unaffiliated

Christina Watts - Unaffiliated

Chris West - Republican


District 4

Willie R. (Bill) Joyner II - Republican

Doug Wiggins - Republican

R.J. Allen - Unaffiliated



Registered voters who live within the boundaries of the Town of Mount Olive may vote in the municipal election. Municipal contests include the mayor and members of the municipality’s governing board. These contests will appear on the same ballot as the statewide primary contests above.  Listed here are candidates and their political affiliation.



Jerome Newton - Democrat

Kenneth K. Talton - Republican


Commissioner At-Large

Steve Wiggins - Republican


Commissioner District 1

Vicky Darden - Democrat

Andrade Oliver, Sr - Unaffiliated


Commissioner District 2

Harlie Carmichael - Democrat

Delreese Simmons - Democrat


Commissioner District 4

Barbara R. Kornegay - Democrat


Commissioner District 4

Tommy Brown - Unaffiliated

Dennis Draper - Unaffiliated